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Philosophy Festival | Prof. Ruth Ben-Israel

Prof. Ruth Ben-Israel


Internationally renowned expert in labor laws, social security and social rights. Prof. Ben-Israel was Israel Prize laureate for Law Research in 2001; additionally she has been the recipient of many awards and medals. She was a member of the steering team of the Namir Commission on the Status of Women and served as Committee Chair for the Advancement and Integration of Women within the Civil Service. She served as special adviser to Labour and Social Affairs Committee in the Knesset and contributed to legislation of many laws that deal with women's rights. In 2005, Prof. Ben-Israel became involved in digital painting and art. She presently serves as Chair of the Israeli Museum's Council and belongs to a group of ten digital artists known as the 10D.


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  • 18/5/2011


    "Old man, What is His Life"

    Begin Heritage Center

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