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Philosophy Festival | Dr. Dror Burstein

Dr. Dror Burstein


Dr. Burstein, an author, whose most recent work is "Natanya" (2010), this year will be publishing his newest book "Questions in Literature".
He studied law and has a Ph.D. from the Department of Hebrew Literature at Hebrew University. Burstein is a lecturer in the Department of Literature at Tel Aviv University and Alma College. He translated, together with Joel Hoffman, Hoffman's books "Radical Zen: The Sayings of Joshu", and "The Sound of the One Hand" he also translated "Tao - The Watercourse-Way" by Alan Watts


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  • 20/5/2011

    Friday, 10:30-11

    "Touring the Mind"

    The tour will leave from the Yaffo 23 Gallery/ Bezalel, Jerusalem (Downtown) and go to Mishkenot Sha’ananim

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