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"What's On Your Mind" - Philosophy Festival
Mishkenot Sha'ananim 18-20.5.2011

The first event of its kind in Israel, the interdisciplinary Philosophy Festival brings together individuals who have made a major contribution about how we think about the world, human existence and its meaning: philosophers, academics, musicians, writers, journalists, theorists, leading clergy, theologians, scientists, biologists, economists and others, leaders in their fields, from Israel and worldwide. The Festival is the opening event of the Cultural Season in Jerusalem.

The Festival will attempt to sharpen and understand the deliberations, ideas and opinions, values, arguments and dilemmas taking place at the forefront of contemporary thought, culture, art and philosophy. The Festival will analyze the effects of developments in natural sciences and technology, in humanities and in the arts, on man and society in the 21st century. It will attempt to identify and note new and challenging areas of thought and research directions and to present them to the public. Discussion will take place on innovative ways of information exchange and its application in society today. This will be a journey towards understanding the human spirit and the essence of existence. The Festival will integrate tours, musical performances and events of creative thought and more, tailored for children and adults.

Senior thinkers and creative people from a variety of fields will convene at the Festival. They will interact both amongst themselves and with leading musicians and performers in order to ignite imaginations and stimulate the public’s mind. Speakers and panel participants will be experts in their respective fields, creative thinkers and artists from recognized and legitimate disciplines, as well as those on the edge. The Festival will provide points of contact and connection to the human spirit as expressed in philosophy, science, art and technology.

Participants from abroad: Prof. Harry Frankfurt (USA), Prof. Mario Livio (USA), Prof. Max Velmans (UK), Paul Miller - DJ Spooky (USA), Prof. Hent de Vries (USA), Dr. Oscar Brenifier (France) and Isabelle Millon (France).

These guests will meet with senior Israeli researchers and thinkers from a variety of disciplines.

Participants from Israel: Prof. Eva Illouz, Kazou Ishii, Dr. Dror Burstein, Prof. Shlomo Biderman, Prof. Ruth Ben-Israel, Dr. Roy Brand, Prof. Ruth Gavison, David Goldman, Dror Globerman, Prof. Eilam Gross, Dr. David Graves, Jack (Yaki) Dunietz, Dr. Israel (Issi) Doron, Prof. David Heyd, Dr. Asher Vaturi, Mushon Zer-Aviv, Dr. Gadi Taub, Gadi Lahav, Shem-Tov Levy, Galit Liss, Prof. Omer Moav, Liad Mudrik, Prof. Rafael Malach, Dory Manor, Romy Neumark, Joshua Simon, Orit Sen – Gupta, Dror Feuer, Eyal Chehanowski, Orna Coussin, Rona Kenan, Yoram Kaniuk, Nira Rabinovitch
Prof. Jacob Raz, Prof. Sheizaf Rafaeli, Prof. Idan Segev, Prof. Carlo Strenger, Dr. Eli Schonfeld, Prof. Aner Shalev, Dr. Haim Shapira, Rabbi Yuval Cherlow, Prof. Naftali Tishby.

The Festival will focus on topics such as:
  • The limits of science and knowledge
  • How does the deferral of death influence the lives we lead?
  • Reflections on free will - the human soul caught between science and spirit
  • How has the consumer culture changed human personality?
  • Risks, possibilities and questions in contemporary medicine
  • The revival of religion in the 21st century
  • How has social networking changed the concept of friendship?
  • Happiness
  • Science and consciousness
  • Symmetry – from human perception to the laws of nature
  • Why do eastern religions attract so many in the western world?
  • God - the Scientist's interpretation
  • How far are we from creating an electronic man?
  • The Sexual Revolution: Where Do We Go From Here?

We intend to expose the audience to new and interesting perspectives of looking at the world and to bring creative in-depth thought and deep philosophical insight into daily life. We expect to stimulate discussion and to raise difficult questions; at times, we may even find some answers.

The program will be diverse and include encounters that will deal with groundbreaking philosophy and thought, workshops, tours and musical performances. Theoretical meetings and discussion will take place throughout the day, and in the evening, there will be musical performances illustrating the fascinating encounter between music, visual art and philosophy.






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